Weaving from Nature: Autumn Sculpture inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (October 2012)

Det skal vi lave i efterårsferien!

Hannah's Art Club

This art project was inspired by the beautiful autumn treasure beginning to clutter the ground in parks throughout Vienna – leaves in every shade of yellow, orange, red and brown, acorns in their wonderful furry cups, long brown seed pods and horse chestnut shells, brown or green and spiky. The conkers (chestnuts) themselves were unfortunately a bit too slippery for this activity!

Before the class, I prepared a twig ‘loom’ for each child by winding string back and forth around a V-shaped twig. Any kind of string, yarn or twine would work this, but I prefer natural fibre string for its organic colour and texture. Older children could string their own looms, but my students, aged between 3 and 6, would have struggled with this and I didn’t want them to get frustrated and bored before the fun part began!

The children chose items to weave into their twig ‘looms’, being careful…

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